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Products Name:VK-CW001
Product features:The shell of the power source is plastic, and the power source is designed with up shell, below shell and middle frame. And the power source has built in high performance polymer battery cell
Applicable models:The power source can be applied universally
Optional colors:Black/ Luxury Gold
   Products Detailed:


Model: VKCW001(Business Series)

Capacity: 8800mA

Input: DC5.0V 2000mA

Output: DC5.0V 1000mA

Output: DC5.0V 2000mA

Weight: 208g

Volume: 15.5X57X158mm

1 Polymer Battery Cell:

The Polymer Battery Cell is new designed to ensure the maximization use of its own outside shell volume.


The VeKen Power Source applies the smart PCB, which makes sure that the product conversion rate is up to 85%. And it applies the most advanced smart management technology to ensure that the PCB design and layout is more reasonable. Furthermore, it can auto match the best current for your loved cell phone. It can avoid over charge, over discharge, short circuit and over loaded, which will resolve the actual difficulties for customers.

3 Features of VK-CW001

The appearance is simple and delicate, and has good hand feeling. It has two USB output end with 1A/2A current. The conversion rate is much high, and through the smart LED display, you can easily know the electric quantity.

4 Multi- Functional

The power source can provide power for several digital equipments at the same time.

5 Portable Data Line

The VeKen Business Power Source is bound with one piece of Micro-USB.

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